X-Ray Consumables, Accessories & Equipment in CANADA


X-Ray Films

Green & Blue Sensitive films in all sizes (inch and centimetre) also Mammography & Duplicating films.


X-Ray Processing Chemicals

Automatic and Manual Developer, Fixer, Starter and Cleaners.


X-Ray Accessories

Lead Protective Apron & Gloves (Mittens), Lead Blocker, Darkroom Accessories, Illuminator (View Box), X-Ray Film Cassette, X-Ray Film Bin, X-Ray ID Printer, X-Ray Filing & Mailing Envelope, X-Ray Marker & Pencil.


X-Ray Film Processors

Konica SRX-101A, Protec Ecomax & Optimax, AFP Mini-Med 90.


X-Ray Systems

Full Line Of Complete Digital And Analogue X-Ray Systems for Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Dentists, Medical Clinics and X-Ray Labratories.


Used X-Ray Equipment & Systems

Complete Sytems and Components, Low and High Frequency Generators, X-Ray Tubes, Tube Stands, Collimators, Wall (Chest) Stands, Veterinary and Medical Tables, Automatic Film Processors, And More...


Ultrasound Systems

B/W Ultrasound, Color Ultrasound, 3D Ultrasound for Meidcal and Veterinary Clinics.


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