Digital Medical Equipment in CANADA


Digital x-ray equipment has many advantages... that's probably why you're reading this page! The good news is the investment required to own and operate a digital x-ray system keeps dropping as digital x-ray sales grow steadily.

It's now more affordable than ever to take advantage of the amazing time savings, accuracy and zero ongoing film and chemistry costs. Another popular option is to upgrade your analog system to digital.


DEL Medical System Groups

DC Elite

DC Elite

Medical Digital Chest System, CCD DR Detector

Direct Digital X-ray System available:

  • k x 3k, 9 megapixel array with 3.1 lp/mm resolution
    4k x 4k, 16 megapixel array with 4.1 lp/mm resolution
Titan FMT


Extractable GEMINI FLAT PANEL Floor Mounted Tubestand System

The ideal choice for a complete range of routine radiographic procedures. The TITAN FMT requires only a low profile, floor-mounted rail for support which eliminates the need for
costly structural modifications.

  • Vertical and Longitudinal Centering Locator
  • Roll Lock Release switch & Column rotation switch
  • Longitudinal, Vertical & Transverse lock release switch (one hand multi-switch)


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